Long term goal

SickKids VS Limits Campaign

SickKids has always led. It’s always been on the front lines in the fight for children’s health. But today, its biggest battle is against limits. The limits of an old building, the limits on generating new knowledge and translating it to treatment, the limits on delivering seamless health care to every child. Breakfast of Champions is proud to hold rank as a Catalyst Donor in the new SickKids fundraising campaign, SickKids VS Limits and is committed to investing in the future and bringing discovery to the bedside.



2018 Cause

Ex-Vivo Fetal Maturation (Artificial Womb) Project

Babies, especially those with complex health problems like congenital heart disease, frequently need to be delivered prematurely. Prematurity can have a profound long-term impact on a child’s survival and development, and Dr. Mike Seed and a team of SickKids researchers are seeking to develop the world’s first artificial womb so that babies with congenital heart disease can continue to grow and develop in a fetal environment while also making it easier for cardiac experts to perform lifesaving interventions on their hearts. This project has promising physical and neurodevelopmental implications for patients with cardiac disorders and on a wider scale, it has the potential to transform care for all babies born prematurely. This type of specialized research is what sets SickKids apart as a global leader in both outcomes and research innovation, and since the government only funds costs for clinical care, SickKids relies on philanthropic investments to make advances. Thank you for joining us in the fight against the greatest challenges in child health.



Why SickKids?

It takes the dedication and passion of many to care for the more than 100,000 children who visit SickKids each year. The strength and support of countless doctors, nurses, volunteers and donors enables SickKids to continually push the frontiers of care, research and learning, and to make a profound difference in the lives of children who need their help.

Philanthropy has an enormous impact at SickKids. Donations fund, among other things:

  1. major equipment purchases and capital renovations, ensuring that the facilities remain leading edge;

  2. training programs for SickKids’ health professionals to keep them at the top of their fields;

  3. the infrastructure for the SickKids Research Institute, allowing their scientists to be at the forefront of their respective fields;

  4. national and global projects, helping to build capacity across the country and around the world to improve child health.

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