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We’re a vibrant group of young professionals from Toronto with an ambition to support and bring awareness to underfunded priority areas at SickKids.get involved

Breakfast of Champions Team




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To date, Breakfast of Champions has raised over half a million dollars for SickKids. Please contact us if you are interested in getting involved.

Simon Leith, Jonathan Tong and David Leith

Committee Leads
Marina Arnaout, Tony Ayala, Aaron Bains, Sarah Bresler, Emily Charyk, Jonathan Greenwald, Henry Hsu, Marisa Keating, Richard Lee, Allison Martin, Megan McLeese, Hayley Miransky, Ardavan Mohajer, Violetta Plocica and Chloe Snider

Event Committee
James Bao, Lance Chung, Cecilia Dapice, Matthew Di Vona, Marcus Gagliardi, Cailey Greenberg, Luana Harris, Divya Khurana, Amanda Lew Kee, Syed Mohammad Mahmood, Sharad Mohan, Cody Moskovitz, Lucie Pivnick, Elke Rubach, Kay Schonberger, Anam Sheikh, Kara Smith, Rob Snider, Dom Sorbara, Slavica Stamatoski, Monica Tam and Aaron Vale

Event Management & Consulting
Knactivate – Josh Howard and Lana Liss

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